Instructor Reflections

Over the years, the BCAE has engaged many wonderful and talented instructors.  As we come to the close of this chapter in the BCAE’s history, we asked our instructors to reflect on their experiences, memories, and feelings about their time here.  Here are some excerpts from their reflections.

Describe your students in one word:

“Purposeful” – Adam Centamore

“Engaging” – Glenn Davis

“Intelligent, enthusiastic, driven…” – Julia Yampolsky

“Open” – Kelly Fey

Share with us a memorable moment at the BCAE:

“‘Lightbulb Moment’ that look on my student’s face when, suddenly, they got it. The LM was the thing that kept me teaching course after course. I loved to see it on faces of my students.” – Glen Cabbage

“There was a couple who took the Ballroom dance class when they just started dating to see if they could work well together. After that they took the Swing dance class and a year later they came back to take the Wedding Dance Prep class!” – Gail Gardner

“Perhaps one of the most thrilling things I see as a workshop leader is the development of a new and daring style on the part of poets who had come to the workshop with a competent but not very inspired approach to poetry writing.” – Tom Daley

“The BCAE let me take 13 students to Tuscany, Italy in 2004, for a cooking and watercolor tour. I still can’t believe they let me do this, and how successful it was. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that will never be forgotten.” – Diane Manteca

“While there aren’t any specific memories, there have been times when you can see the light bulb of understanding come on when a student understands an approach or technique.” – Glenn Davis

What is a class you loved that you didn’t teach?

“Tom Daley!! His poetry workshop.” – Julia Yampolsky

“Yes, my watercolor classes with Gary Tucker. It came at a time in my life where I needed it, and he was a very wonderful and almost mystic instructor…no pressure, but the teaching was there!

I tried Tango dancing and didn’t do well at that, but wish I could have continued and become fabulous.” – Diane Manteca

“I loved the Italian classes that I took. I can’t remember the name of the instructor but he eventually moved to Italy! I also took Tai-Chi, music theory and belly dancing and liked all those classes!” – Gail Gardner

How long have you been teaching at the BCAE?

“10 years. Likely I was looking to expand my art teaching gigs and found the BCAE as a result of networking.”  – Glenn Davis

“I think 10 years, definitely 9. I was given a gift to take a poetry workshop at BCAE with Tom Daley. I liked it very much and wanted to find a way to make it more affordable, so I offered to teach sewing classes at BCAE. My sewing classes turned out to be a great success. So much that I couldn’t take the poetry workshop any longer [because I didn’t have time].” – Julia Yampolsky

“I’ve been working for the BCAE for over 10 years. I learned of you from my friend Jo-Ann Ross, who is an instructor there as well.” – Adam Centamore

“I have been teaching at the BCAE for 26 years! I had an interest in teaching cooking, and one of your employees that I had met at a cooking job told me that BCAE was looking for instructors. The rest is history.” – Diane Manteca

“Since 2009. I took a class at the BCAE a few years before and loved the whole mission of the organization – offering interesting and fun classes to adults, without a huge commitment or expense.” – Kelly Fey

“I began leading the poetry workshop at the BCAE in August of 2004.” – Tom Daley

Over the last 86 years, we have been touched by…

  • over 2,000 instructors
  • over 150,000 classes
  • over 1,000,000 students participating

A heartfelt thank you to all of our instructors who made this possible. 

If you are an instructor and haven’t reached out to share, please contact Kyra James for details.  If you are a student and want to share some memories, click here!