An Open Letter to Instructors

BCAE Through The Years Catalogs

To All of Our Dedicated Instructors:

“Thank you.” Two short words. Yet, the heart-felt appreciation that they hold runs deep and wide. From students, staff, Board members, and supporters, stories have poured in about the ways that BCAE, that YOU have made a difference in their lives. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Thousands of BCAE instructors have been fellow travelers sharing their talents, skills, and passions over the decades, igniting the same in their students. You have prepared for your classes with nothing but the students’ learning in mind and in that process they have made new discoveries about themselves….adopted new ambitions, honed their talents, found a simmering interest turning into a lifelong passion.

What gifts you have bestowed! You have shared your own view of the world, both on a bold, giant screen and through your teaching, in exquisite detail.

What gifts you have bestowed! With an open hand and full heart you have opened doors to possibility, both never considered and fervently longed for.

What gifts you have bestowed and enjoyed! “Adult learning” is a deeply, mutual process, a dance between “teacher “and “student” leaving both enriched. Likely you too have been a “student of your students,” leaving a class with much to ponder yourself.

What gifts you have bestowed! Through your classes you have fanned transformative commitments to life-long learning. As Michelangelo, age 87 said (no doubt with a flourish!) “Ancora imparò!” “I’m still learning!”

The halls at 122 Arlington St are quiet. The classrooms and studios are closed. Keyboards and kitchens are silent. Computers are dark. And yet, there are thousands of students who have passed through the BCAE thresholds, figuratively and literally, who have taken what they have learned from you into their daily worlds and in large and small ways, are enriched for it all.

So yes, thank you. Thank you for your commitment, your patience, your dedication, for the ways you cared about being part of the lives of your students. You are a special kind of people.


Susan M. Getman
Interim BCAE Executive Director