Carolina Curtin

Boston native Carolina Curtin attended the University of Hawaii before graduating from the Maui Culinary Academy in 2008. A Maui resident for twelve years, Carolina spent four years honing her craft at Four Seasons Maui and subsequently at Mama’s Fish House. She returned to Boston at the behest of Barbara Lynch, to work at the acclaimed Menton, where she spent one year. She later worked at Sycamore & Liquid Art House.

Carolina enjoys drinking (take a deep breath) Diet Coke, ginger beer & espresso when she isn’t twerking to Beyoncè in the kitchen. She has a Cherry Blossom tree tattooed on her body that will eventually blossom into a Weeping Willow when she’s 90. She’s a diva in the kitchen, making her personal hashtag #sweetaspie&sassyashell.