David Abel

A reporter and editor with The Boston Globe and an adjunct professor of journalism at Boston University, David Abel has traveled throughout the States, Latin America, and Europe, covering everything from homelessness in New England to dissident movements in Cuba to the war in Kosovo.

When Abel first moved to Boston in 1999, he covered academia in the region, writing stories about topics such as Cornel West’s messy departure from Harvard and Kurt Vonnegut’s taxing year at Smith College. Later, he launched a new beat at the Globe covering poverty issues. Over the years, he has written mainly about the region’s underclass – about the homeless who refuse to stay in shelters on the coldest nights, the mentally ill evicted from their apartments without due process, immigrants swindled by sham law firms.

In 2005, he became co-editor of the Globe‘s City Weekly section, the paper’s equivalent of an urban magazine that covers the characters and issues that color Boston. He has since returned to reporting and now writes for the paper’s Metro section.