Katrina Jazayeri

Born in Queens and raised in Austin, Katrina Jazayeri grew up surrounded by the romanticism of food. At just 26 years old, Katrina is also the founder and designer of Post Oak, custom-made attractive yet functional aprons that are fast becoming a favorite of local chefs. With an Iranian father and an American mother brought together by food, she saw firsthand its ability to create relationships, specific memories, and lasting connections. Katrina moved across the country to study engineering and, later, healthcare inequalities at the University of California Santa Cruz, graduating in 2011 with a degree in social justice.

While working with public health non-profit organizations, it became clear just how important food and economic opportunity are to overall health and well-being. Katrina combines childhood memories with her education and post-grad experience to create a career in food with a positive community influence. In 2012, Katrina returned to the East Coast and joined Somerville-based Cuisine en Locale, a company that delivers meals created entirely with locally-grown ingredients and hosts special pop-up events. There, she produced innovative menus, cooked flavorful dishes while adhering to a strict sourcing philosophy, and assisted in the business’ expansion, build-out, and renovation of the old Anthony’s Function Hall in Somerville. While working with Cuisine en Locale, Katrina joined the team at Belly Wine Bar in Kendall Square as a server where, under the leadership of co-owner and mentor Liz Vilardi, she developed her palate and knowledge about wine.

After one year, she rose to manager of Belly and sister restaurant – and Boston-area institution – The Blue Room. In this role, Katrina oversaw the operations of two concepts, cultivated relationships with staff and guests alike, and further developed her skill set. It was during this time that Katrina and her partner, Josh Lewin, began independently hosting a series of pop-ups and themed events, allowing them to celebrate their own personal favorite things. Thus, Bread & Salt Hospitality was born, and its great success and warm reception allowed the two to pursue the endeavor full time. In September 2014, Bread & Salt took the opportunity to open their first restaurant, the temporary Bread & Salt at Wink & Nod in Boston’s South End, ensuring the successful launch of an innovative program that now serves as a rotating culinary incubator program for local chefs and pop-ups. For seven months, Josh oversaw the kitchen while simultaneously working with Katrina to develop the concept for their first freestanding entity, Juliet, slated to open later this year.