Meg Tallon

Meg Tallon is as multi-layered as the tiered cakes she so adores. As a graduate of the CSCA, she has spent time baking bread commercially, planned major food events, and taught cooking and business classes. In other words, she knows how to create blissful baguettes (and a killer Key Lime Pie), orchestrate grand gatherings, and conduct a classroom of hungry students. And the icing on the Meg Tallon cake? She now serves as the Director of Kitchen Services for the East Boston YMCA‘s new Teaching Kitchen, where she is in charge of kitchen programming, including classes with a focus on healthy eating and easy access to fresh foods for adults, teens, and children; the urban gardening program just feet from the kitchen (her thumbs are a lovely shade of green) and a job skills training program for restaurant workers. It really doesn’t get much sweeter than that.