Michael Bergin

Raised on the South Shore of Massachusetts, Chef Michael Bergin expressed interest in food as a child while taking summer trips with his Sicilian grandfather and owner of Noe and Son’s produce company. In high school, he started working in a kitchen as a dishwasher, slowly making his way through the line at a nearby restaurant.

After attending culinary school, Bergin worked in Washington, DC, for a bit before coming back to Boston in 2007 to take a position at Sel de la Terre. Throughout his five-year-long tenure with the New France company, he grew into the role of executive Sous Chef at the SDLT Back Bay and then Sous Chef at L’Espalier, where he worked for chef-owner Frank McClelland.

When Bergin and his wife received the opportunity to move to Manhattan for work, they seized it; he joined Missy Robbin’s team at A Voce. In 2013, he met with Mark Ladner and found a new home at Del Posto,where he took on the role of Sous Chef.

Bergin and his wife were eager to get back to their friends and family in Boston, where plenty of new adventures were in store. In 2015, Bergin joined the team at La Brasa to help open their sister restaurant, Fat Hen, where he served as Executive Chef. He brought his vision for Italian cooking to East Somerville and continued developing his own voice.

In June 2017, he became the Executive Chef at The Salty Pig, part of the Coda Group. He’s excited to be a part of the company, in which his wife works as an Events Manager, and to bring a strong passion for traditional and modern Italian cooking to the South End staple.