Rebecca Pacheco

Rebecca Pacheco began practicing yoga 20 years ago. Today, she is an acclaimed teacher, published author, inspiring speaker, and entrepreneur. Her first book Do Your Om Thing: Bending Yoga Tradition to Fit Your Modern Life was published by HarperCollins in March 2015. Her award-winning blog,, was one of the first yoga blogs on the Internet and remains one of the most popular.  Named “Best Yoga Instructor” by Boston Magazine in 2015, Rebecca is also the resident yoga expert for Runner’s World magazine and creator of its online Yoga Center. Her Yoga for Runners DVD, which she co-produced with Rodale, was released in the Fall of 2015.

Rebecca’s professional experience also includes the fields of marketing, branding, media, and education. By merging her passions and skills efficiently and authentically, she’s created her own flourishing business and deeply fulfilling career. In addition to teaching internationally, Rebecca has had the honor of leading the first-ever yoga class on the field at Fenway Park. She lives in Boston with her husband, running coach and entrepreneur Dan Fitzgerald. You can connect with her on social media @omgal.