Todd Danchik

Todd began his culinary journey almost 30 years ago. His Grandmother and his Mother both knew their way around a kitchen, and encouraged him to help out. Some of his best memories of them are being up to his elbows in flour, eggs, and sugar, making desserts, soups, sauces, and pierogi. Todd’s Mom was from a family of casserole creating genius, and his grandparents were first generation from Czechoslovakia. The holiday meals involved some very eclectic food pairings. Summering on the Jersey Shore is what led Todd to his first dishwashing job. From there, he has worked in many kitchens, holding different positions in NJ, NH, and RI. When it was time for a diploma, Todd moved to Rhode Island to enroll at Johnson & Wales in 1998. He was part of the first graduating class in the Culinary Nutrition at J&WU in 2003. It was at a restaurant in Jamestown where he met his wife and decided to grow roots in Rhode Island and focus on a career. Many jobs later, Todd’s wife and he had their first boy in 2010, and it was then that Todd transitioned into sales, enabling a quality of life easier to enjoy his family. Todd and his wife had their second boy in 2012, which confirmed his early retirement from commercial kitchens (cooking at least).