Tru Lang

More than a few of chef Tru Lang’s earliest and brightest food memories involve exploring the natural world: foraging for periwinkles on the Cape, picking mulberries, planting and harvesting shiso and Thai basil from his backyard, plucking lotus seeds from the pod. For him, cooking lies at the nexus of family and nature: tangibly nostalgic, meant to be shared and savored, elemental to the human experience.

He began cooking with Susan Regis at Pava while finishing his studies in political science at UMass Amherst; he was hooked. A year later, he moved to Cambridge to learn French Cuisine Nouvelle with Tim Wiechmann at T.W. Food. Under him, Lang honed classic European techniques with Wiechmann’s characteristically light touch. After two quick years at T.W. Food, Lang moved to California for a 3 month stage at Manresa. Here, cooking became ingredient-focused. Manresa works hand-in-hand with its own biodynamic farm where cooks harvest vegetables in the morning and serve them to guests that same night; there, his standard of freshness was recalibrated.

His time at Manresa was followed by a year and a half at Quince in San Francisco with Chef Mike Tusk. Here, Lang learned pasta making, enhanced his knowledge of and proficiency in whole animal butchery, and developed the skills to build a restaurant around an incredible network of local farmers and purveyors. Next came a few quick months at Benu, Corey Lee’s 3 Michelin Starred restaurant in San Francisco. Finally, Lang returned to the Boston area and spent a year back at T.W. Food as Chef de Cuisine. He took a short hiatus from fine dining to wear several hats for the Bon Me food truck, and in 2014 joined Journeyman as pastry chef and now Chef de Cuisine.