A Tour of Boston's American Revolution
A Tour of Boston's American Revolution $29.00

Boston was the single most important city in the cause of the American Revolution, and during this course you’ll learn and see why from someone who (literally) wrote a book on it. You’ll walk on and off the Freedom Trail to see historic sites related to the American Revolution, learn about Boston’s resistance efforts against the British crown, and end the night with a beer at a historic tavern. 

Some highlights of the course include: seeing where violence first broke out between redcoats and Bostonians, visiting the original shoreline of Boston, and seeing where the Boston Massacre happened. The course is a walking tour that covers about a mile, with plenty of stops in between. It begins at Boston Common (Park Street) and ends near Faneuil Hall, and it takes place rain or shine. 

The instructor’s book, Boston in the American Revolution: A Town Versus an Empire, will be available for purchase after the tour (or order it beforehand and arrive to the course ready talk about the Revolution!)

Instructor: Brooke Barbier

Schedule: Tue 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM; 1 session on 07/25/2017

Tuition: $20
Member Cost: $20
Materials Fee: $9
Start Date: 2017-07-25
End Date: 2017-07-25


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